Air Faucet

Water Saving Rate: 90%
Based on the common features of fluid that all kinds of fluid can take stains, we use high-speed airflow instead of water flow to wash dissolved stains away; meanwhile, we keep fine water mist to dissolve stains.
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World Pioneer of Efficient Low-pressure Atomization Technology

10 million+ micro water drops per second, strong absorption to the dust
200m/s of airflow speed, comfortable cleaning.

Parts of the Air Faucet

  • Faucet

    Designed by the Red Dot Design Award designer, Multi-crystal electroplated, 72-hour salt spray testing, superior to the national standard

  • Control Box

    Embedded smart chip, precision with “Zero” miss; Switch testing of 500 thousand times, durability and quality guaranteed

  • Air Supply

    Exclusive cooling and noise reduction technology; Long-term stability

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  • Product name
  • Manufacturing process
  • Flow rate
  • Sense time
  • Water outlet
  • Ambient temperature
  • Water supply pressure
  • Sense scope
  • Power
  • Motor warranty
  • Faucet warranty
  • Air Faucet
  • Polish Chrome-plated
  • 0.35L/min
  • <1 second
  • See Above Graphic
  • 4-55℃
  • 0.02MPa
  • 10~20cm
  • 220V
  • 1 year
  • 5 years


Free agency fee for initial distributors with three key supports

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